Overview of Curriculum

The Tulsa Health Department’s Personal Responsibility Education Program [PREP] works with schools in Tulsa County, especially those that have the highest teen birth rates, in an effort to influence change and increase education.

For more information and to find out how your school can become involved with PREP please contact Annette Leon at (918) 595-4467 or send us an email.


Making Proud Choices

  1. Making Proud Choices is an evidence-based safer-sex approach to teen pregnancy, STD and HIV prevention. This eight module curriculum is design to empower teens to change their behavior to significantly decrease their chances of unintended pregnancies and reduces their risk of STD and HIV. While the course acknowledges that abstinence is the most effective way to eliminate these risks, a great deal of time is spent encouraging the practice of safer sex through condom use. 

The program includes a series of fun and interactive learning experiences designed to increase participation and encourage adolescents to consider their goals for the future and to think about how engaging in unsafe sex may impact those goals.

Making Proud Choices is intended for high school students. 


Making a Difference

  1. Making a Difference is an evidence-based eight module curriculum designed to empower young teens to change their behavior to reduce the risk of becoming (or getting someone) pregnant or infected with an STD like HIV. This abstinence-based program advocates postponing sexual activity and reinforces that abstinence is the only way to completely ensure protection from unplanned pregnancy, STDs or HIV.

This fun and interactive course includes activities designed to help young teens feel comfortable practicing abstinence and provides ways to set boundaries and overcome obstacles to being abstinent.

Making a Difference is intended for junior high school students.

Reducing the Risk


  1. Reducing the Risk Building Skills to Prevent Pregnancy, STD and HIV is more than just facts about abstinence and protection. This interactive curriculum presents a powerful approach to prevention of teenage pregnancy and protection against HIV and other STD and motivates students to change high-risk behaviors. Over the course of 16 well-defined lessons, the curriculum clearly focuses on teaching refusals, delaying tactics and alternative actions students can use to abstain or use protection.

In Reducing the Risk, students complete several activities that show how becoming a teenage parent would affect their daily lives. They discuss these reasons with parents or guardians and they practice stating their opinion during role plays, class activities and discussions, and homework assignments.

Reducing the Risk is appropriate for both junior high and high school students.